Come on now.

The saga grows ever wider as the Austin family prepares for a visit from the CPS case worker.

For those just tuning in, Mrs. Austin is battling Post Partum Depression, a condition she mentioned to her doctor which sent us on a week long hike through Hell. By law someone had to report it. We don't know who, Mrs. Austin has a very good guess, but CPS got involved.

So we took the steps necessary to help Mrs. Austin get through this rough time. An appointment was made to see a caseworker, which she did. And a follow up appointment was made for the caseworker to come out to see the house and talk with LMA.

She didn't show.

Now when I say didn't show, I don't mean she called and canceled or rescheduled or came late, I mean the lady didn't show up. How's that supposed to look to a scared and a troubled family when the state declines to appear.

This is after being 20 minutes late and calling to say so, Mrs. A's therapist charged her $90. There was still 40 minutes left on the appointment.

So apparently I'm in the wrong field, this confounded technology, this bane of human ingenuity. I guess the big bucks are in the family welfare cartel where you are able to charge whatever you want, force people to take drastic actions and then become conspicuously absent. There's gads of leisure time and chump change to be made in this industry. I see it so clearly now. Get a degree for a diploma mill. Prey on weak families who feel bad about their issues anyway. Profit.

I guess I'm over simplifying. There are rules for everyone and we're no exception. But it stands to reason if you set up the rules, you should follow them. We should be able to charge the state $90 for a missed appointment.

All ranting aside, Mrs. A still has up and down days. Lately it's been ok. We all have dinner together, watch the unending Olympic coverage. The weekend we had away from the kids was Awe Some. I really love my kids, but on some occasions I really miss being able to sleep late, leave at a moments notice, go out without special planning, eating in quiet restaurants. But then I see their sparkly eyes and smiley faces, or hear LMA sing a song she learned in school, or hear Pilgrim start cooing with Mrs. A and I know it's going to be ok.

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