No YOU'RE a tramp!

Trying to bring some levity back to this place, here's some welcome air time.

Yup. We decided since we didn't have $20 grand to sink, if you will, into a new pool, a trampoline was next on the list. At a tenth the price, it brought hours of enjoyment. LMA likes to run in a big circle and feel her knees buckle. Being 30 lbs, she doesn't have the mass to canvas ratio her old man has, so her jumps were a bit sad.

The dog likes standing under the tramp, barking, until one of us lands and smacks her in the schnoz. Seems to be her favorite game, and one she seems to be good at.

More later I'm sure, including the First Trip the Emergency Room and Hey, Is That My Ankle In My Ear? photos.

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