I don't think humans were meant to do this.

The Statesman Capitol 10K was last weekend and yes Mr. A strapped on his Sauconies and made a go at it. Mrs. Austin's brother went as well. It was the first race for both of us, the 5k from the previous month having been canceled. There was no cancelling this. The Cap City 10k is the 5th largest 10K in the US, largest in Texas. There were 14,000 people registered.

So the highlights, because frankly it's late and my feet still hurt. We did it in about 100 minutes, it was hard to tell because neither of us had a watch and we started in the very VERY back of the huge throng of run/walkers and older runners and strollers (most of which passed us later) so we didn't cross the start line for about 10 mins.

We ran the frist mile and a half solid, made good time to the half way mark, made up time on the last stretch, died at the end. We didn't run the whole thing, because, well, neither of us were being chased by law enforcement or wild animals. Nor were we, as one support sign read along the way, running "Like we stole something."

To answer some questions: Yes I will run another race, there's a 5k coming up in a few weeks. Yes I hurt something, my right foot has a bruised heel which is funny because I was worried about the other foot prior to this. Mrs. A and LMA showed up at the finished line to snap some shots and get a big sweaty hug. No I didn't pass out afterward, I wasn't that tired. I did have enough energy to have some burgers at a friends house (who also raced) and then go home and paint the bathroom.

You all heard me.

And the color is Lucious Moss.

So some news on the job front for Mr. A. My employment is shifting yet again. I can't give details yet as the final contracts aren't, well, final yet. The short of it is I will be transfered with two other coworkers to a knew company. This company bought the software we build and test so we work for them now. No more working downtown, no more big company in New York calling the shots. No more 5 weeks vacation. It's good to finally have this done because it's been 3 years of not knowing what's going on but being promised some kind of resolution or action or news or something.

Some people didn't make it, some got let go immediately, some got a 3 month stay of execution followed by a severence. No one was surprised, everyone is pretty ok with it. I'm fine, don't ask me. I'm serious, we're fine. Plus I don't have many specifics yet as the ink hasn't even left the pen much less dry on the dotted line. I'll update when it's done.

In the meantime here's a picture of someone who loves to read.

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