TL vs. Fedex

Fedex will not leave packages in front of my door. Based on my last conversation with Fedex, in which I told them that I never asked for signature on delivery, the customer service said that leaving a package "was up to the delivery person's discretion." So, basically, the Fedex people don't like my neighborhood; to those of you who've never been to my neighborhood, they really have no reason not to. It's has brick streets and old houses. It's very quaint and picturesque in the fall when the foliage is shades of orange and red and when covered with snow. I'm not sure why the Fedex people don't want to leave the packages on my porch, but I've had no real reason to care up an until this point. I did have to drive to the delivery office to pick up some boots and books that I ordered, but it's not very far.

HOWEVER, my generous and amazing parents decided to send me a King Cake. If you've never celebrated Mardi Gras season in Louisiana, you may not be familiar with them. They are delicious giant sweet rolls basically. Usually, they come with a filling (my favorite and the one that most people get - I think- is Bavarian cream). They have green, purple, and yellow icing for the season and have a small plastic baby Jesus inside. Whoever gets the baby Jesus has to buy the next King Cake. It's fun and fattening, but don't worry Catholicism comes with a built in diet - Lent. :) That being said, I am super excited for my fresh from Louisiana King Cake to be delivered to my apartment! (If you'd like one of your own this is where my parents ordered from this year: http://shop.rouses.com/c-8-king-cakes.aspx. These are also very good http://www.gambinos.com/shop/mg_packages.php).

One possible hiccup: Fedex is delivering it, and I will be on campus all day Wednesday, so I won't be home when it is delivered. In hopes that Fedex will leave my delicious present in front of my door, I left them a note. If Fedex does not, there will be swift online retribution and besmirching of their reputation. I posted the note below for your enjoyment. I shall update you on the delivery status later.

Carry on.


UPDATE: Fedex responded very nicely (see photo below). I also added a photo of the King Cake in case you've never seen one. Here is a page telling about the history of King Cakes in Louisiana

The writing says, "You made my day.  Thanks. FedEx."

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