Fine Tuning

LMA tried out for a bunch of instruments last weekend.  Middle school is coming up and she's chosen band as a primary focus of her elective activity.  It was that or art, theater arts or choir.  She wanted to do all four, but was convinced that learning an instrument would be beneficial later in life.

If you look at all the videos on that channel, it's all (most) of her try outs.  I believe she's settled on the oboe (not videoed) and then will take percussion in private training.  She did very well at all her events, got high marks and the teachers were fighting over her at a couple points.  LMA is naturally bright and will likely pick this up no problem.  We're very proud of her.

Yes it's a lot of random squeaking in the background.  That will eventually turn into virtuoso performances at the London Philharmonic.

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