Happy 7th

7 years ago, some time in the afternoon, little G-man came into the world.  7 years is a long time to try and remember every detail about those early years and how we felt and thought and behaved.  I don't remember G-man being a problem child.  I remember his immediate bouts with jaundice and then RSV, an issue that's turned into his asthma and propensity for allergies.  Aside from that, he slept well, smiled a lot, gave a lot of hugs and really just wanted to be around people.

Not much changed, honestly, as you can see in the photo.  G is a sweet boy with the desire to do only a handful of things; play games on someone's phone, give long, clinging, unbreakable hugs, and make sure everyone is playing.  He's tapped into a vast store of energy that all little kids do and he's barely able to contain it.  He must jump and run and sing and whistle and play at all times.  If he can't, I think he explodes, but we haven't tested the limits.

He and his sister are, while not exact copies of their parents, very close replicas.  Where LMA is more forward thinking, emotional and tactical, G-man seeks homeostasis and just wants everyone to be happy and sweet.  He also prefers to put on a show for anyone who will watch, whether it's a planned drama with his sister or just hamming it up because people will watch him.  In that he is very much like me.  But I see good things for him in the future, provided someone doesn't take advantage of his good nature.  I think, like me, he will be happiest when others are happy and the most blue when he's alone.

I don't miss him as a baby or a toddler.  I lived through it and while I don't remember details, I don't feel like he's growing up too fast.  I always feel like he's been 7 forever or that last year he had been 6 forever and so on.  I'm worried that soon he won't let me snuggle with him or tickle him just so I can hear his laugh, but for now he's my favorite little boy.

Happy birthday G!

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