Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage
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G-man didn't originally take to bike riding like his sister. He was very hesitant and favored the safety of his big wheel. Even his bike with training wheels was seldom used. A few months ago we finally got the training wheels off and made a few successful runs at it, but he seemed to not want to ride it still. Just recently he finally mastered the two wheeler and is now fairly unstoppable. While he's not as fast as his big sister, he's still as enthusiastic.

He also wiped out pretty hard while at the school. Too much speed coming off a sloped sidewalk and the front wheel wobbled out from under him. He hit the pavement pretty hard, right after shouting, "Daddy watch me!" So I watched as he did a belly flop onto the asphalt.

Luckily a soccer mom was driving by. (And I literally mean a soccer mom, she was taking her little girl to soccer practice.) She had an impressive first aid kit and gave us a big band-aid. G-man was in just a little pain but soldiered on home. Once safely home he limped around as though he'd just had major surgery. I gave him a little grief for that (mainly because it's worse to limp on it) but I stopped when I remembered I did the exact same thing when I crashed.

Carry on.

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