The Wheels Are Off

First tooth!
Big days for G-man.

Last week the little dude lost a tooth and yesterday he rode around with his training wheels removed.  After much hemming and hawing, we were finally able to convince him to try it out.  He did really well and I'm really happy for him.  Too often his sister goes blazing around the neighborhood without him because his little bike is too slow to keep up.  Now that he's free to ride like the wind, I foresee many more local adventures.  G is the type of kid that will take two hours to ride around the block because he wants to literally stop and smell the flowers.

We also have a video of me totally biting it.  I may save that one for friends and family only because I might try to win $10,000 on AFV.  I was running with G-man, holding on to his handlebars, you know, Dad style.  I was waiting for him to say "Let go!" but he didn't and I was running into a low hanging tree and then a truck in a driveway.  I let go and fell to the ground and G-man fell shortly after on the other side of the truck.  At first he got really upset until I showed him my skinned knee.  Then he laughed.

After his triumphant couple rides, he smashed his inner thigh on one crash so we called it a day, but not before a fist pumping four house long ride on his own.

Very proud of you little dude.  I can't wait to ride around with you.

Carry on.

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