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On May 16th I posted the first pictures of my first big Lego build. 77 days later it was finished.

To answer the next question, no we're not putting a sniper in it.

I don't have exact measurements, but at the roof it stands just over a meter, with the antenna is roughly 1.25m. I don't know how many pieces we used so don't ask. The structure is fairly hollow to allow the lighting, we used a rope light coiled up tightly and a bunch of trans clear bits to make the "1" effect.

The clocks aren't done, but my mom's husband fashioned and painted some gold/brass metal rings to serve as the outside and we'll probably put a sticker inside it. We haven't been able to find anything small enough kit wise to make our own time telling piece.

We're both extremely proud of this building. We worked very hard on it and spent a lot of money getting the needed parts. Between us we had a good amount but neither of us had that much white. I spent $175 getting brick and I know TG spent easily that much as well. We fought and argued about how to build certain parts, but we always came back together and agreed and I'm very happy to say this was a true collaboration.

I don't know how long we'll keep it together. There are a handful of parts left to buy to replace ones we used to fill in for color reasons, but the main part is done. Now we can go back to building spaceships and dragons.