Lego Update!

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The LEGO® group is opening a store in Austin. A "soft" opening is scheduled for July 15th and the grand opening should be some time in early August. As part of TexLUG, Tiger Lily and I will be meeting at another member's house to help build the "Brand Ribbon" sets as well as some retail sets for display at the opening.

This is nearly a dream come true for me. I've been building Lego most of my life and to be able to build stuff that Lego sent to display in a store is bouncy-dance, fist-pumping exciting. When I'm at the store and people are looking at the sets on display, I can say, "I built that."

Next step is designing them.

There was a post on Eurobricks about a product designer job opening and I about fell out of my cubical. The catch? It's in Denmark. Which led me to ask them if any jobs like this are available in the US. I'm guessing no and that will really change my plans for the future. I hear Denmark is nice, but I'd rather not have to move there.

Closer to home, Tiger Lily and I have finished about 3/4 of our tower. We get more parts in almost every week and this last batch put us really close. I don't know that we'll be able to show it at the opening of the Lego store (I don't think they allow MOCs) but we'll at least be able to take it to other places TexLUG puts on a display.

That's all for now, carry on.

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