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Ms. A registered for and received federal aid to go to school. She's going for a sociology/psychology and teaching degree and become a social worker.

Last week she helped me register as well and as of this fall I will be a registered student at Austin Community College.

ACC is one of those schools that offer either a short associate degree program or a path that leads you to a transfer to a larger university where you can study for a bachelors degree. I picked Art because that's the university path. The other choice in town was Austin Institute of Art, but I've put off going to meet them because a) I don't think a degree from there would be any better than from another university, 2) because I don't think I'll be able to get as much financial aid and finally) because I don't think my college credits from 91-96 would transfer.

So Ms. A has been helping me run through the online applications for both the school and financial aid. I have to turn in some paperwork today, but I should be ok to start at least with some core classes this fall. I don't have many classes left to take I don't believe, but I won't be able to load up; one MAYBE two a semester.

I was in the advising office on Monday finding out how much of my credit would transfer (I have 94 credit hours from a state college in Denver) and what I'd need to take next. The guy was really nice and asked what type of student I was; a transfer or if I was coming out of high school. I laughed, almost loudly. Told him he was really kind to say that. It felt like getting carded for cigarettes.

I don't know what I'd do with a degree in art. I don't know yet where I'll go after ACC. AIA had the type of courses I'm interested in, but that's not a guarantee I'd be working in that field. I'd rather be more broadly studied and find a field I'd fit into than be pigeonholed into a specific career based on a limited education. Miss Louisiana has a degree in photography from SCAD but she's so educated, she's smarter than her chosen field will allow. Thus she's not working in photography. And I'm worried about that.

But, I have to get through English 1301 first. By the way, according to my transcript, I got a D in Basic Drawing 1. Isn't that awesome?

Carry on.

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