Bye bye, Dollhouse

Well that didn't take long.

Earlier today, Felicia Day posted a twitter about the episode of Dollhouse in which she would guest star. Sadly, she wrote that Fox would not be airing it.

What? Fox canceled Dollhouse? Shocking.

Agreed. But on the heals of ABC airing the complete series of Life on Mars, allowing the mini season to at least wrap itself up, you'd think Fox would take the noble step and do the same thing. But alas, they're going to stop with #12 and you can only see #13 on DVD.

Frankly, Fox, the only reason I'd buy the DVD to see the last episode is because I'm a Felicia Day fan. It has nothing to do with the show itself, which wasn't great, but I'm sure better than whatever you'll put in its place; that will likely be a reality show in which low IQ hard bodies are scared into eating dancing fifth graders for a million dollars.

Looks like it's back to watching Firefly on DVD and The Guild online.


Apparently we all jumped the rails on this one. Joss himself has written that due to the early filming and then rewrite of the pilot episode, they're contracted into 13 episodes - the scrapped pilot counting as one. The studio won't make a call about the season until the Upfronts at the end of may. So we might still see Felicia Day's episode if there is a season two, but it might still exist only in DVD format. If that's the case and there is a season two, we better hope there's not much in the way of story development that we don't get to see.

Carry on.

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