It's Not Irony, It's Coincidence

Today I was trying to think of a way to write about how wearing it is to live constantly feeling that the other shoe is about to drop; that at any moment your life could fall apart. There's a certain cathartic recognition when something bad happens - you stop worrying and start acting. It's the waiting and fretting about all the possibilities that make you go gray, bite your nails and drink.

The company Ms. A and her girlfriend work for today told everyone they were going out of business. Costs were too high, debt was too insurmountable. In the next three weeks all the current orders will be met and at that point they're going to stop business. Ms. A wasn't making a killing working there, but it was good income for someone who could do the work from home. WE didn't have to worry about daycare and only one of us was paying for gas with any regularity. It was complicated, but it worked.

Now we have to go back to being DINKs. G-man will have to go into daycare and LMA will have to find something until school starts.

But it's a good thing in the long run. A steady income will help us with our financial problems, allow us to grocery shop more regularly, etc. G-man will get some exposure to other kids, something he desperately needs. And Ms. A will be able to work until 5 and then stop - no more working for 20 hours a day. It'll be good.

As Ms. A says, "We're cats, we'll land on our feet."

So if you get an email or text message from one of us asking if your company is hiring, that's what's going on.

Makes my server issues at work seem paltry. Nothing like a little perspective.

Carry on.

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