School Fund Raising

Hey gang. For those with kids, you'll appreciate that it's that time of year when the schools send out fund raising literature, catalogs and sign up sheets. This is our first year in public school so we're all very new to it.

The last time I had to sell something from a catalog I was probably 12 and it wasn't a lot of stuff, just different amounts of chalky chocolate bars. The selection was with or without almonds.

To that end, LMA has a catalog fund raiser going on. I fully expect the grandparents and aunts and uncles to do their part. Keep in mind the event is only going on until the 16th (next Tuesday) so act now!

Go to www.sigfund.com to check out the catalog of items. When you get to check out, there's an area to put in student information.

Rowan Rollman
Spring Hill Elementary
Pflugerville, TX

We all thank you for your support.

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