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Milk Bone
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Something I've somehow failed to mention in the last few meaningless updates is that Mrs. A is going to be featured in an upcoming edition of Texas Monthly Magazine. She's not too sure on the details - whether or not it's an interview or profile or they just feature a photo of hers for a story - but it's still really wonderful news for our resident photobug. She's been working 28 jobs lately and I think her hard work is starting to get her noticed.

Nothing new to report on the kids. Their sleeping habits are ironic in that they have none. We've got them on a bit of a routine now which involves circus ponies, a tub of lemon Jell-O and a nightly visit from Bruce Campbell who does a hilarious if not creepy reading from The Lorax.

Little Miss Austin can't sleep unless she's in our bed. The sheets are apparently silkier and the bed is warmer. Honestly, I think she doesn't like the way her bed smells. We wash her sheets almost weekly but she's almost six and kids just tend to smell funny at that age. All that playing in the heat and all those glands starting to kick in and all those magnets in their skin holding on to the dirt. Mrs. A and I have slept in her bed before and it really does smell like her.

We put one of those kid proof door knobs on the inside of G-man's door so he can't get out and go write his Sharpie Manifesto on our flat panel monitor at 4 in the morning. Seems to work well, now all he does is sleep by the door and shout under the crack when he wakes up. And yes I've opened the door into his head...a couple times.

I'm mercifully close to finishing this commission I'm working on. I don't mean to be down on the project or the client. I've enjoyed drawing them. It's allowed me to be an Illustrator in the basest sense and it's been fun. I'm just looking forward to doing my own things again. I want to do more Robot Portraits and I want to really sit down and look at the possibility of planning out the option of maybe some day looking into what it would take to think about how I'd go about setting up and working on opening up some time to allow myself to consider possibly going back to working on my comic book.


I don't know. I realize I've said some negative things about comic books and my abilities to start, work on, finish, promote and sell them. It's going to take some serious willpower to get back on that horse. It doesn't help that I haven't bought a comic book in almost two years. It's like being a mechanic but riding a bicycle everywhere. It's not that you don't know your craft and have a love for it, but it seems you have an external appreciation of it not being involved more.


You can see the characters I'm working on here. Some of them were fun to do, some were nothing special, just drawings.

Small update on the 100 Artists Project. I may have found a local binder that will be able to handle odd paper types. However, out of the six Single Mailer pieces I've received, two are already the wrong size. I don't know how I could have made it more clear, but if you're reading this, it's 9x12 inches! Thank you.

I've received six pictures so far and this weekend I'll be plotting all the addresses in Google Maps (if anyone has a good way to automate route plotting, I'd love to hear it) and then sending off the Big Sketch book once I buy it and draw something in it.

I'm such a slacker.

Carry on.

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