Changing of the Guard

Yesterday was my last day working at Zone Trading. I'd been working with this same group of people with this same software for six and a half years. We've gone through name changes, buyouts, buy backs, supervisors, reorgs. Lot of changes. But that's over and done with and it's kind of funny. I don't think when they made the decision to close up our group they actually realized how much knowledge they were losing and toward the end I could tell. But you know what? I don't care. I'd have rather got a 3 month severance then hang around there knowing my last day is coming up.

So it's on to the new job. I'll be working at Texas Medical Association doing some IT work. I don't want to talk about it too much as I haven't started, don't know the people or the job and I want to start on the right foot. I already feel bad about holding on to the lingering hope that another graphic design job was going to call back. Which they never did.

Yesterday was also technically the last day of my health insurance. Monday I left work a little early claiming I wasn't feeling well. Not caring much at that point it really didn't bother me to do so. But that night and into the next day I got feverish and my throat started hurting and swelling up. Shortening up the story, I have Strep. It's fun. I also may have Sleep Apnea that was brought to light by having a sore, inflamed throat. I can't check on it now, I'll have to wait until I have insurance again.

Mrs. A's last minute medical day was a bit more stressful. For about 5 hours she thought she had cervical cancer. An early and extended physical revealed a thing in a place that shouldn't be there, a Nabothian Cyst to be exact. The first Doctor said the word "lesion" and knowing her family history it was a logical step to "cervical cancer." So in the same day she was able to be referred to and seen by a specialist who said it was the Nabothian Cyst (which I still think sounds vaguely sci-fi) and there's nothing to be worried about and no treatment that is needed. She needs to be vigilant for other reasons, but not this.

So for about 4-5 hours we thought she had cancer. Not a fun day.

She does however have some blood work coming back that may show she's got diabetes. Again, it's in her family and she even had short term gestational diabetes with Yogi. With her thyroid levels constantly being adjusted by different meds, this was a concern. We haven't got the blood work back yet, but the doctor was fairly certain.

First off, I'm glad she doesn't have cervical cancer. I'm upset that she may have diabetes. But diabetes you can live with. Even with the new cervical cancer drugs out now that claim the certain strain can be cured, it's still cancer. It's kind of an ever looming aspect of her physical make up; one day she will have it. It's almost a given, its just a matter of when.

But diabetes is a different story. Diet change and some medicine and home testing for blood sugar levels. I think that's it. She's already started running on her own and she eats well (if not regularly) so even though it's a big thing, it's a manageable thing and I'm sure we'll deal with it as best we can.

So I'm on antibiotics with a failing voice and she's pushing forward with wedding photography tasks. I have to do a tattoo for Mr. Darn Tootin, a x-mas card and an art swap in the next couple days. Plus I've been commissioned to finish out the lettering on two more issues of Bronx Angel. It's good to get work, I just hope I can get it done.

Kids are driving me crazy, I can feel my patience with them slipping away. I snap at the littlest thing. Especially Lil Miss Austin. She constantly says "no" and is constantly ignoring what she's told. I know she's only four and I have to remember that. But sometimes I think she should know better and that's when it gets to me. Yogi's just been under the weather and has been impossible to get to sleep. We got a note today saying he feel asleep on the playground. How said is that?

That's the news.

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