Rita with salt.

If anyone reads this before this weekend, I'll try to answer a few questions.

- I don't know where it's going to hit.

- I've not been in Texas when a hurricane has hit Houston or Galveston directly. I was here for Tropical Storm Allison, we got some rain out of that. Before that, it was Hurricane Alice in 1983. So if it does hit, I don't know what to expect in Austin.

- The weather guys here say we could see winds up to 80mph if it hits where they predict.

- We've already purchased supplies and will be tying down outside stuff and bringing things inside tonight.

- Mrs. A is in talks with her family about coming to Austin for the weekend. Houston Mayor has signaled a voluntary evacuation. Galveston is manditory. Evac routes go all the way up to Brenham, Lufkin, Bryan/College Station and Huntsville. Hunstville is about an hour up the road from Mrs. A's mom's house.

- Still haven't found a job.

- The bit with Mrs. A's job thing I mentioned earlier went well. We'll have more news next week.

- Mrs. A has a wedding expo this weekend, to add to the chaos.

- My Name Is Earl was funny, you should watch it. They'll replay it.

- Serenity comes out in 9 days, go see it.

- Yes I'm excited about Lost tonight.

- Yes I'm still not smoking. Other than the day I got laid off, it's been since August 20th.

More to come as the storm approaches.

Carry on.

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