Dr. Richard Chop

This post is not about Dr. Richard Chop. Yes he is a vasectomy specialist in Austin. I didn't visit him. I just liked his name and I'm sure he's a fine doctor. Please visit his profile page to get information about him.

I won't beat around the bush. I got a vasectomy today. That's right, I had a guy I've met only a dozen or so times go at my sac with a sharp object, and it was covered under insurance.

I'm on some pain medicine, now, so whatever ramblings contained herein are of course subject to interpretation.

Guys, it wasn't bad. There was the occasional pin prick for the local anesthetic (sp, apologies to my uncle in Colorado Springs) followed by some pretty damned uncomfortable nad smooshing and arranging. But then the numbness took over and I was left chatting with the good Doctor about Battlestar Gallactica. It was very surreal.

So now I have to take another day off for bed rest, and as I write this with an ice pack on my groin, I have to remind myself that I took this one for the team. We have two wonderful children and even if we had two horrible children, we have two children. That's enough. I like kids, I like my kids, I like other peoples' kids, but two is enough. Two is almost two too many to have Mrs. A deliver.

After pushing out two melons through a lemon hole, the least I could do is feel like I've been kicked in the groin for a week.

I can't lift anything for a week, it'll be about 6 months until it's safe to go smokeless while makin' whoopee, but so far it's not bad. I can't walk really well yet, but it's only be about 10 hours since the operation. I got a milk shake out of it and a good nap.

Not a bad day, other than the nut wounds.


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Lamm said...


How was the doctor overall. I hear good things

Mr. Austin said...

Didn't read the post, did ya champ?