"Flash" Jordan Thomas

Austin isnt' without its share of Freaks. Probably the most famous, and literally and institution, is Leslie. The thong wearing, gristled old whatever-it-is is a mainstay on 6th Street. However, just slightly less well known is the slew of cable access shows Austin has to offer. I've actually only seen a handful of episodes, more than half of those were of some normal looking guy getting really agitated over the Presidency.

However, even cable access fame is still fame. Our group at work just took a lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse and while there a coworker noticed an older gentleman dressed like Elvis enter the restaurant. We all took our gracious inauspicious glances at his table. Black tee shirt, trademark gold specs, chops, immaculately quaffed hair. As we were glancing and giggling, the waitress mentioned that the table was being occupied by none other than Jordan Thomas. Who? we asked. Apparently, "Flash" Jordan Thomas has one of the top rated access shows in the city and is somewhat of a cult classic. I plan on looking for this show now, but after looking at the description I may just leave this Pandora’s Box closed. See for yourself. (Look for Austin City Lights)

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